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Bud Buckley - It's About Time

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Recorded in Woodstock
Featuring appearances from:
Award Winning Singer/Songwriter Helen Avakian
Violinist Deni Bonet (Cyndi Lauper, Sarah McLachlan, more)
Scott Petito (The Fugs, Levon Helm, The Brubeck Brothers, Michael Franks,many more)

Here's what listeners said:

"I absolutely LOVE that song. Really, really love it! Again, absolutely love that song! " (About Let Me Go) Amie, New Orleans.

"A folksy acoustic guy, a sexy voice who transports you from ethereal memories to toe-tapping smiles," Laura, Georgia

"You sound wonderful solo...I would love to watch and hear you perform." Rhett, Houston

"I truly had a blast playing your music, and especially getting to hang out with you and everyone up there in Woodstock... and get to know YOU better. Folks, this guy is the REAL DEAL!!! Hope we can do it again soon."" Deni Bonet, New York

I love Crowded Memory. Helen's background vocals are very haunting. It reminded me a bit of that distinct harmony that Damien Rice had with Lisa Hannigan on 9 Crimes. Really. It's just beautiful." Tricia, Atlanta

"I've sat here, all morning in my little 428 square feet... listening to you sing. Nice way to spend the AM." Production Diva, New York

"Let Me Go sounds awesome. Really like your kind of style..great." NATE, Germany

"Your tunes - they are fantastic and I look forward to hearing more." Natasha Hurst, Australia

"I love that song man (Let Me Go) are an amazingly talented singer/songwriter...thank you for sharing your music with me. I look forward to picking up a copy of the CD when it's out." This-Music, Australia